Dash Cams and Vehicle Cams from SoundFX RI

Dash Cams and Rear View Cameras

Protect yourself in the event of an accident.
A dash cam or rear view camera from SoundFX can provide valuable footage that can be used to determine who is at fault. This footage can also be used to support your insurance claim and help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Deter bad driving behavior.
Dash cams and rear view cameras can help to deter bad driving behavior from other motorists. Knowing that they are being recorded can make drivers less likely to tailgate, cut people off, or speed.

To provide peace of mind.
Knowing that you have a dash cam or rear view camera recording can provide peace of mind while driving. If something does happen, you know that you will have evidence of what happened.

Drone XC Dash Cameras at SoundFX

Drone XC Dash Camera

Drone XC dash cam monitors your vehicle on and off the road so that you never miss a thing.
Drive Mode continously records the moment you start driving to the moment your ignition turns off. Parking Mode starts recording when motion or impact is detected. Live View allows you to see what your car sees in real time over LTE.

Drone XC dash cams keep you connected

Connected Like Never Before

Drone XC is the only dash cam that will connect to an aftermarket remote start or security system - giving you complete confidence and control over your vehicle's safety.

See all around your vehicle with Drone XC cameras

Second Pair of Eyes

Drone XC delivers 154 degrees of surveillance coverage for your vehicle. Double your coverage by adding a Drone XC rear or interior-facing camera (sold separately).

Drone XC alerts you to any activity with your vehicle

Sensors for Every Situation

Thanks to Drone XC's unique integration with aftermarket alarms, the XC dash cam can start video recordings for motion, tilt and towing, glass breakage, door / hood / truck opening or impact.

Thinkware Dash Cameras at SoundFX

Thinkware Vehicle Cameras

Offering impressive design and quality with a wide variety of features, Thinkware is quickly becoming a leader in the dash cam market. SoundFX is proud to offer a variety of options with professional installation for every budget level.

Thinkware dash cams offer high resolution picture

Best Resolution on the Market

Choose the right vehicle camera for your budget and situation. Sony STARVIS sensors on higher end models offer a 152 degree viewing angle and Super Night Vision for clear viewing.

Thinkware dash cameras are great for rideshare vehicles

Rideshare Bundles

Multiple camera bundles offer great value for rideshare vehicles or those who want to cover multiple angles outside as well as inside. Add professional installation from SoundFX and you're ready to go.

Thinkware dash cams protect your car in the parking lot

Parking Surveillance

Enjoy parking protection against potential mishaps and hit-and-runs by capturing footage when an impact or motion is detected. And with Easy Wi-fi pairing, it's easy to replay your latest videos and manage your dash cam's settings.