Frequently Asked Questions for Remote Starters

Does having a remote start void my factory warranty?

It absolutely does not. Consumers are protected by Federal Law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1974 which says that a manufacturer cannot void a customer’s warranty unless the part causes a malfunction of the problem in question. For example, if U-Haul installs a trailer hitch to your vehicle and they wire the part into the brake lights which causes them to fail, then the manufacturer would not responsible for the repair. However, if you have a remote start installed, and an unrelated item fails, the manufacturer must honor the vehicle warranty.

Can the systems be removed and reinstalled into a new car?

Yes, in some cases they can. Remote starters can be installed in about 95% of vehicles on the road today. Keep in mind that since it is a new vehicle, that different parts may be required, and additional labor may be required to complete the installation.

What separates your installation from everyone else's?

We follow strict installation practices. Every remote start unit is prepped before it is installed into each vehicle, and it is integrated to look like a factory harness. Each SoundFX technician performs their installations in the same manner. We also use premium connections to ensure reliability. Our installations are always clean and neat, and inspected by 3 different people before final delivery.

Shouldn't I just get a remote start from the dealer?

Most dealers do not install remote starters themselves, in fact, they have an outside company do it for them. The installation often takes place in the parking lot of the dealer, and by someone whom you have never met. Also, in the event that the remote start may need servicing, you often need to make an all-day appointment just to have it looked at. Even just for a remote battery, your car may be tied up for an entire day.

At SoundFX we are always here ready to serve you. Recently manufacturers have started offering remote starters as original equipment. Often these starters perform poorly, offering low range and no choices of remote transmitters. An aftermarket remote start can go much further and give you greater performance at a much lower price.

I do not see any pricing on your website…why is that?

Each vehicle is uniquely different. For example, vehicles with microchips built into the keys or cars with push button ignition systems require more parts and labor to complete. Plus, certain vehicle platforms such as Mercedes Benz or BMW may need a specifically engineered system for remote start integration.

For the most accurate pricing, contact one of our two Rhode Island showrooms. We'd be happy to price out the right system for your car or truck!

What are the additional parts that I may need?

Most vehicles today come with some type of immobilizer security device that is built into the key or ignition system. Car manufacturers have them in their vehicles to prevent theft. An additional interface is required to properly integrate a remote start into this type of system.

How long does it take to have a remote start installed?

The average length of time is 2-4 hours. However, we ask our customers to leave the vehicle for one business day. Winter is our busiest time of year and we may have 30 appointments in a single day. The longer we have your car, the more efficient we can be in delivering everyone's car in a timely manner. If you need specific time arrangements please let your salesperson know in advance.

What is the warranty of a remote start?

Most of our systems carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Remote transmitters typically have 1 to 3 years of coverage not due to physical damage.

Can I make an appointment online?

Yes. You can email your information to for Warwick, or for East Providence.

Do you offer gift certificates? And can I shop from home?

Yes. We have pre-printed remote start specific gift certificates available. You select the system and we do the rest. If you would like to purchase one from the convenience of home or office we can certainly accommodate you. Call the store and a salesperson will go over your options. We will either mail or email the gift card to you.



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