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When you are shopping for a remote car starter, look no further than Sound FX. We have over 25 different models to suit everyone's requirements. We have been installing remote car starters since their inception in the early 1990s and things have sure changed. Today's vehicles are more complex and it takes a great deal of expertise to make sure the installation is correct. Our staff is fully trained and stays informed of all of the latest technology to give our customers the best experience possible. Our philosophy has always been to use great product and stick to strict installation practices. We are the area's only exclusive Viper Dealer, which is the largest manufacturer of alarms and remote starters in the world. Viper product carries a lifetime warranty and has the latest features that customers look for. Our installation goes a step further than our competition, because every remote start and alarm harness is made to look OEM and pre-harnessed before it makes it into the vehicle for a clean and neat installation. We then use only the best aviation grade connections and solder to ensure solid connections. So when you are looking for that top of the line 2-way 1 mile range remote start/alarm combination for your own car, or you need a Christmas gift for that special someone, Sound FX is your place!

Sound FX is proud to be the only independent authorized dealer in Rhode Island for Viper Remote Starters and Security Systems.

Viper is the largest, most recognized, and most trusted name in the remote start and security business. Our direct relationship means better pricing, factory trained technicians, and peace of mind to the consumer.

The Viper 4115V is our best selling system. Perfect for those with existing remotes, this compact single button transmitter does up to 1500ft of range. Optional keyless unlock. It carries Viper's best lifetime warranty. Call for latest pricing and specials. See below for more information.
The Viper 4105V is our second best best selling remote start system. It has up to 1500ft of range, optional keyless entry trunk release. A 4 button remote delivers up to 1500ft range. Lifetime labor and product warranty. See below for more important information.* Call for pricing.

The top of the line 1 button system is the Viper 4205V. It is two way system, allowing the user to know that the unit received confirmation that you want it to start. Perfect if you can't see the vehicle such as in an apartment or restaurant. The extra small remote is great to save space in your pocket or purse. It has up to 2000ft of range, 2 remotes, optional keyless unlock, and a lifetime product/labor warranty. Call for pricing. See below for more important information.*
The latest in technology has brought us the Viper 4606V/7856V. The 4606V/7856V is a premium remote starter. It has 2-Way communication with up to 1 mile of range. The remote lets you know when your car has started. A visual and audible confirmation is given when you start your car. Perfect for those who need extra distance, and those who cannot see their car from where they are standing. It comes with keyless entry, lifetime product/labor warranty, and installation. See below for more information.*
For those who want the best, the Viper 4606/7756V is an ultra premium remote starter with LCD technology. With the LCD remote, you are in complete control. A screen tells you the status of your system by displaying not only if your car is running, but how much longer it will run for! It can also show you if your doors are locked. perfect for when you are in the store and can't remember if you 'Hit the button'. It has up to a mile of range, trunk release, keyless entry, a lifetime product and labor warranty, and installation. See below for more important information.*
The Ultimate Christmas or birthday gift! The Viper Smart Start. The Smart Start can work with any iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry. The basic system comes with remote start and an option for keyless entry. This unit starts at $199 installed when combined with a remote starter.* Smart Start can also give the option for GPS tracking. Smart Start requires a monthly service plan. See below for more importnat information. See below for a product demonstration.

The next line of products incorporate an alarm with a remote starter.
The Avital 5303 is a remote start and security system. It provides all the important security features you would expect, as well as a remote car starter. It comes with a 1 year product/lifetime labor warranty, up to 1000 feet of range, two remotes, keyless entry, flashing LED, and starter kill. See below for more important information.*
The Viper 5904 is the top of line model, featuring a full color remote, with alarm and remote start capability. It has all the security features you would expect like starter kill, a high output siren, up to 1 mile of range, keyless entry, two remotes, lifetime product/labor warranty, and installation. call for pricing. See below for more important information.*
Our next model is a premium system, the Viper 5606V/7856V. It has up to 1 mile of range, two remotes, two way with confirmation, full security, keyless entry, trunk release, lifetime product and labor warranty, and installation. Perfect for those who are far away from their vehicles, and need the added protection of a paging system. Call for pricing. See below for more important information.
And for those who absolutely have to have the best, the top of the line, ultra premium, Viper 5606V/7756V. It uses an LCD remote for status. It has up to 1 mile of range, two remotes, a full featured alarm, remote car starter, trunk release, two way communication, lifetime product and labor warranty, and installation. Call for pricing. See below for more information.*

Compustar Remote Starters
Sound FX is proud to offer the Compustar Pro remote start and security line. Compustar offers a wide range of remote car starters and security systems. Be sure to check out the new lineup today! The Compustar line is only currently available at the Warwick store at this time.

The RF-2W1B-SP is Compustar's latest 1 button remote start system. It has quickly become a favorite and a best seller in our store. It utilizes 2-way LED confirmation. When sending lock or start commands to your vehicle, the remote’s LED lights will blink and sound a chime to display confirmation of successful transmission. The RF-2W1B is the perfect choice for those who have all-in one keys. The unit has up to 2000ft range and a lifetime warranty. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

Compustar RF-P2W901-SS. A top of the line Premium system with a 2-Way LCD. Remote equipped with lithium rechargeable battery and has a range up to 1 mile. Designed to be a remote start only, or a sold as a complete security system with remote start. It has customizable remote colors, and manual transmission capable. It has a Full function display and includes keyless entry and trunk release. It displays battery voltage and vehicle temperature. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

The 2-WAY RF-2W940-SS SLICE Remote Start System is Compustar's most beautiful package that blends elegant design with high performance features. The SLICE remote is 50% thinner than other remote starters, making it a sleek addition to any keychain. The Slice remote can utilized as a remote start, an alarm system, or a combination system.The un be sold as a starter, an alarm system, or a combination system. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.
The SLICE remote also provides instant command confirmation via the remote's five LED lights. Each of these lights indicate when a specific command has been successfully transmitted to your vehicle. So, if your car is out of sight, you can confirm that your vehicle has been remote started or secured. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

The PRO RF-P2W902-SP is a new 2-way remote start system by Compustar. The RF-P2W902-SP features Compustar's Super Heterodyne Plus, which gives you up to 3000 feet of extended range. The RF-P2W902-SP also gives instant LED confirmation whenever you lock or start your vehicle. The unit can be sold as a remote starter, an alarm system, or a combination system. It uses extra large buttons for those with big hands! See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

The RF-P1WG7-SP features Compustar's Super Heterodyne Plus, which gives you up to 3000 feet of extended range. The RF-P1WG7-SP remote is also Compustar's most durable remote due to its heavy-duty and water-resistant casing. The unit can be sold as a remote starter, an alarm system, or a combination system. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

The RF-2-WAY G9 is Compustar's remote start and security solution that utilizes 2-way LED confirmation. When sending lock or start commands to your vehicle, the remotes LED lights will blink to show confirmation of successful transmission. The RF-2-WAY G9 is the perfect alternative to Compustar’s more advanced 2-way LCD models. The unit can has up 3000 ft of range and a lifetime warranty. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

The RF-P1WG8-SS features Spread Spectrum technology, the industry’s most powerful and reliable radio frequency. From up to a mile away, you can secure and start your vehicle using this intuitively designed remote. The RF-1WG5-SS is the perfect solution for shoppers looking for a simple, but powerful remote start and security system. The unit can be sold as a remote starter, an alarm system, or a combination system. See below for more important details*. Call for latest pricing.

Mobile Phone remote start and vehicle tracking available with the Compustar Drone. Start your car from virtually anywhere. With DroneMobile there is no need to carry an additional transmitter for remote start or locking and unlocking your vehicle. In addition to basic vehicle control, the app offers expanded control over sliding doors, heated seats, vehicle security, and much, much more.

Ever wanted to locate or track your vehicle? Simply click the Map icon within the DroneMobile app for your vehicles current location displayed on a map. Along with your vehicle's location, you can view any available vehicle status information, such as your vehicle�s battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, speed and more.

Would it be nice to know if your factory or aftermarket alarm went off? View the latest notifications by clicking the Alerts icon for details, such as zone triggered, vehicle name and time of alert.

Drone requires a yearly subscription. Call for more details and specials.

Remote Start Interfaces
Sound FX only uses professional grade remote start interfaces. These devices allow a remote start to be installed into the vehicle without sacrificing a key. They are the most reliable and secure method to install a remote start. Most of these devices use special firmware designed specifically for your vehicle. Call for more info.

Viper now introduces the latest in remote start technology....the Smart Start, a smart phone application to start your car from virtually anywhere. Click on the youtube link and see more about this breakthrough product. Now being sold and installed at both Sound FX locations.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should I purchase a remote starter from Sound FX?

A: We take remote start installation very seriously at Sound FX. We begin our preparation in August for the upcoming season. From training, to ordering, to advertising, we are putting together all of the pieces that it takes to have a successful winter season. No other mobile electronics dealer in RI installs more remote starters than Sound FX. Our staff routinely stays abreast of new installation techniques and emerging technologies associated with today's vehicles. Our sales staff is also well trained and qualifies their customers to make sure that they purchase the correct product that best meets their needs. Sound FX is strictly a retail shop and does not do dealership work. We solely concentrate on our retail consumer base of clients. Our selection is second to none as we offer and stock 15 different varieties of remote start packages.

Q: What separates your installation from everyone else's?

A: We follow strict installation practices. Every remote start unit is prepped before it is installed into each vehicle, and it is integrated to look like a factory harness. Each Sound FX technician perform their installations in the same manner. We also use expensive aviation grade connectors to ensure reliability. There is no mistaking a Sound FX installation....clean, neat, and professional. Many customers never see what lurks under the dashboard of their car. We know that if you ever get a chance to see our workmanship, you will be pleased with the integrity.

Q: Does having a remote start void my factory warranty?

A: It absolutely does not. Consumers are protected by Federal Law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1974 which says that a manufacturer cannot void a customers warranty unless the part causes a malfunction of the problem in question. For example if UHaul installs a trailer hitch to your vehicle and they wire the part into the brake lights which causes the lights to fail, then the manufacturer is not responsible for the repair. However, if you have a remote start installed, and an unrelated item fails, the manufacturer must honor the vehicle warranty.

Q: Shouldn't I just get a remote start from the dealer?

A: Not recommended. Dealers do not install remote starters themselves, in fact, they have an outside company do it for them. The installation takes place in the parking lot of the dealer, by someone whom you have never met, and will never have contact with. Also, in the event that the remote start may need servicing, you need to make an appointment just to have it looked at. Even just for a remote battery, your car may be tied up for a whole day! At Sound FX, we are always here ready to serve you.

Q: What are the additional parts that I may need?

A: Most vehicles today come with some type of immobilizer security device that is built into the key or ignition system. Car manufacturers have them in their vehicles to prevent theft. An additional interface is required to properly integrate a remote start into this type of system.

Q: How long does it take to have a remote start installed?

A: The average length of time is 2-4 hours, however we ask our customers to leave the car as long as possible. Winter is our busiest time of year and we may have 30 appointments in a single day. The longer we have your car, the more efficient we can be in delivering everyone's car in a timely manner.

Q: What is the warranty of a remote start?

A: Viper Systems carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The Avital brand carries a one year manufacturer warranty. All of workmanship carries a lifetime warranty.

Q: Can the systems be removed and reinstalled into a new car?

A: Yes. remote starts can be installed in 99% of vehicles. You save about $100 on average as compared to buying a new system.

Q: Can I make an appointment online?

A: Yes. You can email your information and questions to mark@soundfxonline.com for Warwick, or matt@soundfxonline.com for East Providence.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes. We have pre-printed remote start specific gift certificates available at all times. You select the system and we do the rest.

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*All prices shown include installation. Call for latest pricing on models without price. Vehicles equipped with ignition security devices(Immobilizers) may require additional parts to make remote start function. Keyless entry is installed on available models in which vehicles have functioning power lock solenoids. Trunk release is available with vehicles with functioning electric trunk solenoids. Call sales staff for more detailed information.